Digital giving at Church of England

July 27, 2021

We've recently been supporting the Carlisle Diocese of the Church of England with a pilot scheme aimed at rolling out digital giving devices across the UK.

It was truly exciting to engage with churches in across Cumbria and the Lake District, to kick off what is part of a £1.25million investment from the Church of England.

Good With Devices supplied and installed Donation Stations into churches across the Carlisle Diocese, acting as a test bed for the introduction of contactless fundraising technology into its churches.

Certainly it was fascinating to hear why the Church of England is venturing into digital giving. Interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria, Grace Emnett, National Giving Manager at Church of England, said of the project:

We're so used to using card...much more than cash for the most part, particularly over the course of the last year."

"That's become really important [for churches]...who are really relying on people's generosity to kind of keep their doors open.

Listen to the full interview here, with captions.

Source: BBC Radio Cumbria


The Carlisle Diocese features many beautiful churches, visited by tourists and congregations alike, like St Michael & All Angels Church in Hawkshead, Lake District.

Image: S.R.Miller





Why add digital giving devices?

A good contactless giving device has customisable design, donation amount variation and proven reliability. Read more about the Donation Station. 

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