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What is the Donation Station Attract Loop?

September 7, 2022
What is the Donation Station Attract Loop?

What is an 'Attract Loop'?

Think about how hard sometimes it is to see signs, or find your way through a place – nothing catches your eye more than a moving image.

We’ve created the Donation Station to capture attention in busy fundraising environments. Together with colourful branding, the Attract Loop is a series of looped images that is always on screen, when the device isn’t in use.

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Halo-Attract-Loop - Skinny
A Skinny Donation Station with Attract Loop on show – using messaging and imagery to explain impact of any donation is often the best way to start telling a fundraising story.

How does it help with fundraising?

The Attract Loop is a great feature for unattended or semi-attended donation devices as it draws in visitors without reliance on staff or volunteers. It’s a starting point for a new relationship with a donor, that coupled with other engagement features, leads to longer-term support.


It could mean the difference between kickstarting the user journey or losing a potential donor.



HALO Trust Attract Loop: The visual display can be used to capture the attention of passers-by and promote your causes with impactful imagery and clear messaging.


What motivates people to give?

We know that understanding the value of their gift or donation can make a difference to someone giving, and demonstrating your purpose, and the impact of the fundraising makes for a more convincing call to action.


We believe the Attract Loop helps drive more donations
through our device than other fundraising methods.


How does the Donation Station work?

Our devices are built with the user in mind. We have looked at the donor journey, alongside any pain points a charity may have, in order to provide a valuable fundraising solution.

As this is a relatively new sector, we are always learning about what works and what doesn’t. It is also dependant on the type of organisation and your specific needs, which is why our products are so adaptable.


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Why is it important now?

There are challenges coming down the line for charitable organisations, and anyone fundraising for good causes. Changing donor behaviours and declining donation amounts are to be expected, meaning charities will have to work harder to build meaningful relationships with supporters in order to secure individual and regular donations.

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How to design a successful Attract Loop?

With the Attract Loop usually being made up of three images, it is a good idea to vary your messaging in order to convey as much of your work as possible.

Here are some suggestions to help identify areas of interest for potential donors that can start the donation process:

  • What is your purpose, can your public message be used here?
  • Can you showcase it in through imagery?
  • What impacts do donations have?
  • What statistics explain best what it costs to provide part of your service?
  • And, what does this kind of support mean to service users?
  • Do you have any quotes or short stories from someone meaningful to the charity?


Great designs to tell your story

These designs are brilliant examples that start the donation process for a Donation Station user.


Museum of Gloucester

The chance to see the archaeological artefacts that draw in visitors, are front and centre for the Museum of Gloucester.




Here, this animal welfare charity make sure you can see the impact of their healthcare immediately with imagery.



What do we need to supply?

Send us existing designs, or with the help of our in-house designers, we can create up to three images that successfully mirror your brand identity and showcase your important work.

Where can I find out more?

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Ask us for a demo to see the Donation Station in action, or get in contact with any questions.

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