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How safe is the payment data in a Donation Station?

How does the Donation Station handle data security?   When it comes to the Donation Station, we're often asked: What happens to the payment data and...

What is the Donation Station Attract Loop?

What is an 'Attract Loop'? Think about how hard sometimes it is to see signs, or find your way through a place – nothing catches your eye more than a...

Secure, adaptable cashless fundraising - the Midi Donation Station by GWD

Choosing the right Donation Station for your needs. Our Midi Donation Station is a popular, adaptable contactless fundraising device. We've...

The psychology of choice and motivation in fundraising

Decision making in fundraising What influences us to give is multi-faceted. Our interests, concerns and demographics, all play their part. However,...

Getting the most from your Donation Station

How to use the Donation Station features to benefit your fundraising strategy   The Donation Station comes with high-performance fundraising features...
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