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What is the Digital Skills Gap?

February 1, 2023
What is the Digital Skills Gap?

The Digital Skills Gap: a brief guide for charities.


Taking a look at digital inclusivity, and developing skills in digital, learn why supporting this is so vital for any organisation today.


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What is Digital Inclusion and why is it important?

How is the Digital Skills Gap effecting charities?

How does digital help charities to grow?

Digital Skills Gap: Learning and Development resources 


What is Digital Inclusion and why is it important?

Digital skills are becoming more and more prominent within our everyday lives, and learning how to use digital tools and services is critical to leading a successful life.


"Those of us who are digitally confident and skilled say we feel less lonely (51%), better able to manage our health and well-being (62%) and save money (67%). Those with basic digital skills earn more and have better employment and educational opportunities."

- Digital Poverty Alliance


As a society we are quickly having to adapt to the ever-changing nature of technology and it’s uses, whether it be self-service checkouts, mobile payments, internet banking or social media. 

While modern innovations have many benefits, if you aren’t familiar with technology or don’t have the resources to learn, you might feel left behind.


Digital exclusion can affect well-being and a person’s ability to engage in daily life. 

To be digitally inclusive, we should address connectivity access, and digital skills.


The Digital Skills Gap is the growing number of people who lack the confidence, skills and opportunities needed to get the most out of technology in a society where the demand for these skills is increasing.


How is the Digital Skills Gap effecting charities?

When it comes to charities, digital technologies can be used to: 

  • Automate processes
  • Increase audience reach
  • Collect and manage data
  • Provide insight into consumer trends 
  • Network with others in your industry

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How does digital help charities to grow?

Non-profit organisations who are prioritising digital, show signs of success, across strategy, risk management and culture.

The 2022 Charity Digital Skills report shows almost three quarters of charities are actively working on developing their digital strategy through digital up-skilling, tools, service delivery etc.


However, despite 74% of non-profits saying ‘digital transformation’ is a must-have, only 12% of these non-profits were found to have a high digital maturity  

Organisations with stronger digital maturity were more collaborative and more likely to gain supporters. 


We know there are barriers stopping charities getting the most out of technology.  Lack of budget to invest in training, technology or lack of engagement from stakeholders can hold charities back.

But there are ways around this! When it comes to training budgets, there are brilliant online courses which tend to be free or low-cost. 

Similarly, proving the benefits of digital to stakeholders is easily done - there is a huge amount of data to backup your need for a digital strategy!


Addressing digital maturity is one of our top tips for managing fundraising in a recession.



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Learning and Development resources

The good news is the third sector has some brilliant training and knowledgeable voices to help build your digital skills and strategy!



This organisation’s main aim is to help UK non-profits upskill in digital. They want to provide charities with the resources and training in order for them to gain confidence and benefit from the technology available. They recently shared their new 6-week course that looks at helping charities build core digital skills.  


Zoe Amar Digital 

Zoe Amar herself has a vast knowledge and experience of both the Third Sector and digital as a whole. Her site has a range of resources that tackle everything from Digital Fundraising to developing Digital Skills. 


Chartered Institute of Fundraising 

CIOF is an online community looking to empower charities and staff through sharing their knowledge, skills and insights. Their website gives you access to many resources, a large proportion being around Digital. They also offer training opportunities for your team to up-skill.  


Fundraising Everywhere 

This is an online platform dedicated to making development opportunities accessible for charities. They cover all types of topics through virtual events, on-demand webinars and articles. In November, they are hosting an event around all things Fundraising Tech! 


Charity Digital  

Charity Digital are an online organisation that look at helping charities understand technology in order to #BeMoreDigital. They have a huge number of free resources around Digital Fundraising, how to use Tech For Good, using technology with Data   

Their site also contains on-demand Webinars and a link to their weekly podcast. 


We have seen first-hand, through our work in the Third Sector, how digital can help transform charities in order for them to succeed.

We hope these resources provide you with some insight into the value of Digital Skills and encourage collaboration within the industry.
Digital inclusion is key!

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