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The Skinny Donation Station: a portable free-standing fundraising tool

February 1, 2022

What's a Skinny Donation Station?

This is our slim and portable contactless fundraising device, fit for modern events as much as traditional venues, where audience sizes change or routines vary.

What does it look like?

Donation Station Skinny in situ

The Skinny version is a free-standing device, easy to position and move about on its stand, delivered with the same interactive, captivating design of our larger Maxi version.

It can be branded with a front and back panel, to showcase your fundraising messages and brand identity.

Options include:

  • Interactive Attract Loop
  • Fully brandable digital and physical display
  • Chip and Pin payment device
  • Anti-glare screen protector
  • Black or white housing






Getting the best from your portable donation device

It's worth remembering these few key tips for optimising giving through a contactless device.

Find a good location

  • Think about your event or schedule. Where's the best place for the Donation Station this week?
    If visitors are directed through a one-way system, it's a good idea to position this floor-standing device near entrances or exits, that everyone will have to go through. The Skinny Donation Station is easy to re-position it between events or move it around rooms to capture the most donations possible.

Check the power supply

  • Essential but sometimes a little tricky, a device will need access to a power supply. We find users get the best use from our Donation Stations by using mains power, to ensure full functionality and no down-time. If you're changing location, check the supply where it's going, but the device's battery will typically provide 4 hours of use, for a short-term change of location without mains supply. Ask us about our extra battery options if you need to use the device regularly 'off-grid'

Change your donation suggestionsIMAGE Holders-8-min_ccexpress

  • Did you know you could do this? The GWD donation devices allow you to vary individual or suggested donation amounts, by raising a ticket with our Support Team.
    A very handy tool, when audience demographics change, or when campaign aims are specific. 

Don't forget to ask for Gift Aid 

  • This is a brilliant way to boost income on top of any donations received through the device. Ask us to add it to your device

     Read our advice on how to integrate Gift Aid to your digital fundraising

Signpost it!IMAGE Holders-min_ccexpress

  • Straightforward, but sometimes overlooked. It's good practice to signpost where to find your donation devices.
    Be it by briefing a volunteer team at the beginning of an auction, or branding up the device itself, to highlight where monies go, driving home the impact of any giving.
    Simple signs, and a verbal greeting when entering a new space can help remind spectators or congregations where they can give a donation.  


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